To those Future 8th Graders

8th grade was a crazy year and probably the most fun grade I will ever have. The year was jammed packed with all kinds of activities and if you are planning on coming next year, there are some things you need to look out for. ELD, Wordly Wise, and AR are the some of the most important subjects in 8th grade.

ELD(educational learning development) is an elective that will substitute either Dance, Music, both. The schedule will determine that. You will be put in a lower level classroom and t is your job to help out the teacher and/or scholars with their academics. It’s like being a mini teacher for an hour. Eventually, you get the hang of things and enjoying yourself. By the end of it, you will realize that not only did you help the younger ones, you help yourself. You learned new lessons that otherwise would have missed. Plus, the children are so funny sometimes.

Wordly Wise, the vocabulary test that you have had for who knows how long. You may think, ” Oh they are just spelling word who cares,” well it means a lot more than that. It is a very important part of your ELA grade and they are pretty simple, so please for your sake do not lose sight of that. Wordly Wise is a bigger percent of your grade then you probably realize. Keeping track of it will help you in the long run.

AR, my biggest problem for me in all of 8th grade. This is the most important part of all your Reading grade. DO NOT, under any circumstance, underestimate this goal. Reading is not hard, maybe for some, but still reading every day is important. Waiting till the last day will not help you in any way. I must say that I have much faith that whoever reading this will not have too much trouble following this.

To sum up, making sure that all these things are caught up, will for sure help you in the long run. While it may be hard sometimes you will have plenty fun in 8th grade. I believe in every single one of you and I know each of you has some good to bring in the world. Never give up and always move forwards

– Eddie J. Macias

100wc Week 3

The wooden legs represent the long journey that trees go on. Living for hundreds to thousands of years. Each one having a very interesting story like no other. This tree was the first, the tree that started it all. It walked for miles for the perfect home. After traveling for weeks it found it. The home that would satisfy his needs. An open field rich in water, sun, and everything a tree could ever want. Now it rest in its new home. He wouldn’t be the only one more would come and see him. He would create a great forest.

100wc Week 2

Together they stood ready for battle. They spent months preparing. It was finally time to face their greatest enemy, time. They are still fighting as I write this and you read this. They stand still as time goes and they have not fallen yet. They will keep fighting time as if that is what they were born to do. Now we honor them, we let them fight their battle, for how every long it takes. This is the story of how normal people came together to fight their greatest fear, time. They are a true inspiration to all of us.


100wc Week 1

Three people who have stood the test of time and witness event that we read in history class. These three statues have seen the craziest thing yet with no voice tell us so. Imagine the stories these things could tell. The random events, the odd coincident, and the funny mishaps all from theses sitting here and watching. With nowhere to go. Or they are just status that stand and don’t do anything besides decorations. To stand so people take pictures do make it a ELA prompt or something like that. Who knows, but it is the question of the day.

100wc Week 13

Jack was in the jungle with some of his hunter friends. They were on a hunt but this time, it was different. The nerby King had ask them to claim a cave gorrilla for him. They searched for hours but they found some in a far off cave. It was extremly hard, but they manage to captured the beast. But the challenges kept comming, as soon as they were about to leave the cave. A huge animal slamed in frount of the group. The tiger was blocking our escape.  It seemed to be the end. Luckly the gorrila saved them.


It was a glorious day for the beach. With white sand a blue skies. People so energetic they could be batteries. Some hurried to spot to snack on their sandwiches. It was so much fun until  it started to rain. Then everyone hurried to leave not to get wet when that they went there to do in the first place. The funniest part there was a point where it turned into utter chaos. People running everywhere trying to get out of the rain before it gets worse. Children cry, parents groan, and some just don’t care. Oh well, good bye.

100 Word Challenge Week 9 (Part 2)

I heard the girls voice. She sounded famlier, like I meet this girl before. I scraped the dust of my eyes, now I can see clearly. The others were still passed out. I look up and saw a city from my past and the little girl. She was a ghost just like the city. Dead yet alive in peoples thoughts. ” Hi my name is Yla,”said the ghost girl. ” Do you remember this place?” Yla asked. ” Yes this was the end of my life and start to my new one,” I stated. ” Before, the war started. Before, I lost you Yla.”


100 Word Challenge Week 8 (Part 1)

Hi I am Cassie Tank this is my story. I was a solider in intense training which include excruciating swimming lessons, sitting in snow so white as if it were a cloud, and by far the worst running through actual flame. Living till tomorrow was to be celebrated. A truck driver was calling me and my commander and his bodyguard. He briefed us on a mission. Until, BOOM a mine goes of right in front of the truck. I pass out along with the driver, my commander, and his bodyguard. I woke up to a girl’s voice saying, “Welcome Back”




100 Word Challenge

As the door slammed, I knew there was something wrong. My parents just left without a word.

10 minutes ago

I heard my dad packing and my mom writing, both in a rush. I had an avid feeling not to get up. Then nine minutes of silence then the door slammed closed. There was a note on the table. It read this:

Dear Venus,

Dad and I have to go away.

This is excruciating to write.

I just want to say we’re sorry.

Love, Mom

This evokes what she scared of. The fear of losing everything, but why, I thought. Why?


100 Word Challenge

Tommy herd a crash. The tree branch Robbie was sitting on snapped. Tommy just remembered that the branch was over the pond. The pond was quite wide but not deep. Tommy rushed to his fallen friend. When he got there all he could see was Robbie’s favorite boots .Tommy called him three times. Robbie stayed stuck in his unconformable position. Then Tommy saw it. A dark red stream of blood. Now Tommy was scared, so with all his might Tommy pulled his friend out of the pond. Then he realized is friend was dead. With an cracked skull.